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The Operation

Our Operators in South Africa have been providng flights and training since 2001 and have now teamed up with Adventure Flight Limited to cater specifically for the UK pilot.

They began by offering scenic and pleasure flights in Tiger Moths and have gradually extended their fleet and their services to provide an impressive package in one great flying location. You will be hard pushed to find  a single operator that offers such a wealth and variety of flying in such a wonderful collection of aircraft.

Today, they offer everything from the simple pleasure flights that they started out doing, to Tailwheel Conversions and Advanced Aerobatic Training. 

We feature the best of what is on offer and every pilot that chooses to fly in South Africa receives the same personal and friendly service.

Their approach to instruction is relaxed but very professional and their true love of 'real' flying is infectious!

A gem of an outfit waiting to be discovered.

The Aircraft

Our operators in South Africa offer a tantalising aray of wonderful aircraft, from much loved classics, to cutting edge high performance machines guaranteed to get your pulse racing. The hardest part, will be deciding which aircraft you want to try first!

DeHavilland DH82A Tiger Moth - the classic and iconic open cockpit basic trainer of the 1930's and 1940's and used throughout the common wealth during WWII to train pilots. It was developed from the Gipsy Moth, made famous in the 1920's for many of the early long distance flights between Croydon and Cape Town. A true legend and a true joy to fly.

DeHavilland Chipmunk - introduced in the late 1940's as a replacement for the Tiger Moth, the Chipmunk, or Chippie' , is now a classic in its own right and still going strong around the world due to being much loved by those who fly them. It was the aircraft that many pilots today, had their first experience of flight in and it remains one of the best all round aircraft for tailwheel and basic aerobatic training.

The Pitts Special S2B - introduced as the next generation of the legendary Pitts line to replace the classic S2A, the S2B enjoys the same exemplary aerobatic handling with the added performance gained from its extra 60 hp compared to the S2A's 200. It has remained a superb performer despite the dominance of the monoplane on today's aerobatic scene and offers excellent value for money. 

The Extra 300 - a truly modern, high performance aerobatic machine capable of long vertical lines and a roll rate of more than 360 deg per second. The Extra will introduce you to the slick, aggressive style of modern aresti flying and is capable of unlimited level aerobatics if desired, but is also a superb training mount suitable for basic training.

The Location

Rand Airport, in the leafy Gerniston suburbs of Johannesburg, is a GA pilot's dream.

The airfield was constructed in the 1930's and is just a fifteen minute taxi ride away from Johanessburg International Airport. There are two runways and some commercial traffic, mostly of WWII vintage. The field is very much dominated by GA and feels like a living, working museum; for here, the Golden Age of aviation is alive and well.

On a morning's stroll around the airport, perhaps on your way to the resident Harvard cafe for breakfast, you will walk past rows of airworthy DC 3, DC 4 and DC 6's, while Harvards, Strearmans, Chipmunks and Tiger Moths bask in the sun, or shelter in the cool of an open hangar.

There are also several aerobatic teams based here and mixing it up with the classics are an aray of modern high performance machines, such as numerous Pitts and Extra. There are even L29 and L 39 jets resident.

At 5, 474 ft AMSL, Rand is certainly high and if you are there to escape some of the UK winter, then it will almost certainly be hot; at over 30 degrees Celcius throughout January.

As a result, the density altitude can sometimes be 9 or 10,000 ft and for pilots used to operating from airfields at or close to sea level, in near ISA conditions, this will take some adjustment to get used to. Of course, your resident instructors fly in these sorts of conditions on a daily basis and provide the guidance needed to get used to flying 'hot and high'.

Rand is a busy, thriving and exciting airport to fly from; a place to really immerse yourself in the romance and thrill of flight, with a  friendly atmosphere and excellent facilities ranging from the cafe and on site accommodation if required.

Rand provides the ideal base for an unforgettable flying holiday and for the non-flyers in your party, there is more than you could fit into a lifetime of visits in the surrounding area. 

Fantastic flying in a fantastic location.

Local Attractions

On the doorstep are a number of other interesting and well facilitated airports and during your flights you will enjoy the impressive sight of Johannesburg city from the air, as well as the beautiful countryside surrounding Hartbeespoort Damn, along with the sweeping plains and deep valleys of the Witwatersrand.

Sun City and Pilanesberg National Park are within easy reach by both air and road, and the famous Kruger National Park and Game Reserve is a 'must see' if you have the time.

You certainly won't be bored!


On site Accommodation is available at the Academy Bed and Breakfast at very good rates. The rooms are all en-suite with kitchenettes.

The rates are listed below:

Single person Bed and Breakfast: ZAR 450 per night. Room only is ZAR 400 per night

Two people sharing Bed and Breakfast is ZAR 680 per night. Room only is ZAR 580 per night.

Further discount is available if staying 22 nights or longer.

Your Classique representative will arrange accommodation, if required, when confirming final details after making your flight course booking. More information on the Acedemy Bed and Breakfast can be found by clicking the link below:


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